Friday, January 29, 2010

Mission Accomplished!


I can't shout since I'm at work so you're gettin' it here -- I just received word from a foundation donor that they are donating $5000 to our fundraising for the Sope Creek trail rehab project. That puts us where we need to be in order to get the matching grant from the National Park Foundation which will be combined with the Coca-Cola Foundation grant that we, SORBA Atlanta, partnered with the NPS on.

What this means is that the final phase of the project will happen this year and that we may actually complete the work sooner than expected.

This is such great news because I ran a fundraising campaign all last year and we only received about $1000. The guy responsible for this donation stopped in the middle of his ride one day last Fall while we were working on some muddy spots on the trail to talk with us. I told him how he could help and he's pulled through. WOW....such a relief! AND it helps our position as mountain bikers in a National Park Service unit.

Ahhhh....there....I said it. I'm not going to be able to sit still today - I'm way too excited about this!

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La Bellezza Della Natura said...

Hey Dude,
Up date the blog with the pictures
from the weekend at camping...

See you on Wednesday....