Thursday, January 03, 2008

Deployment Delayed

So it appears that for whatever reason, I am not leaving next week. Something came up and I've been pushed back two weeks. I'm actually good with this but now I must review the IRS regulations on my time allowed in country and such. I may have to do my trip "home" to the UK, Bahamas, or someplace else. Drats! I'd hate to come home and have to spend a couple weeks in the Bahamas for holiday. Who wants to join me?!! That's what I thought ;)

Things fell into place with getting packed up in Pensacola and Marietta. I'm officially unemployed until I report so I'm going to take advantage and get some riding and running in. I've been a slug since I got back from Pensacola and I need to work out. At least this delay gives me time to burn off a couple pounds before I weigh in for my new clothes.

Right O' then. I'm off. Much more slouching to do today.