Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Weekend

Just wanted to say that I hope you all have a great Easter weekend no matter where you are and what you'll be doing. If you are in town (Atlanta) you are welcome to come by my church tonight for our Good Friday service. It will be a music and arts presentation that you will not want to miss. the service starts at 8:00pm and run time is about 90 minutes. Don't forget Easter Sunday morning -- we have two services at 9 and 11:15 with a buffet lunch following the second service that's being catered by Proof of the Pudding. Details and reservations for lunch can be found at Sunday morning service is broadcast live each week so you can tune in even if you're not in the same building. And since I'll be singing with the choir, you really can't miss that!

You are all in my prayers and thoughts as I know a few of you are having some tough situations to face this week with family illnesses, loss of a loved one, or that you live and work with the unknown just outside the front door. I hope you too take time this weekend to remember that Christ came to earth with the sole intention of dying a brutal death on a cross so that we don't have to face an eternity of torture and separation from God. It was no accident or decision of man that put Him there. That's how much God loves each and every one of us. Oh yea, and He doesn't care how messed up we think we are - He already knows that. The great thing is simply this: God accepts us -- and all of our baggage -- no matter what. I don't know anyone here on earth that does that all the time. Parents forsake their children; friends cut each other down with spite or simple meaness; people we care about don't accept us completely, but God does. We don't have to do anything, pray the right way, pay money or anything -- God, through His infinite grace, accepts us and loves us.

Ok, I know some of you tuned out a minute ago, but I wanted to share that with you this Easter weekend. Please take care in your travels this weekend and know that you're all very important to me and I appreciate the friendship and love you have shown me.

On another note, I have a post about a ride that I did last weekend with Jono Senk of Hairy Scary Evolutions located at There are some pictures posted as well for those who like them. I would post them up here but it's just been a crazy week here in a lot of ways so I've not gotten around to it. Chief Hairy Scary and I will be doing the Cohutta 100 together, but I fear he may have a higher pain threshold than I which should make for a great race.

That's it for now. Gotta get moving with the day, ya know. Thankfully my black tea and honey is still warm in my stainless steel Starbucks travel mug!