Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whew...gettin' busy

Since I last checked in here a lot has happened. Here's the brief:
1. I'm now the president of the Atlanta chapter of SORBA (
2. In November, Team Atlanta Outfitters had our first training camp in Pisgah National Forest and I got to crush a few souls on Laurel Mountain!
3. I have my 2010 race calendar layed out already. Yes, really. And there's an Olympic distance triathlon on there. GULP
4. I am fully engaged in trail projects at four different locations in the metro Atlanta area including two completely new systems. HOOAH!
5. I turned down a job in Afghanistan.
6. Sarah and I have been looking at engagement rings. Yes, really. Holy jeez...those bloody things are expensive. Maybe I should tell her that 15 people died in the process of that diamond being mined and exported to America. (have you seen the movie Blood Diamond?)
7. Sarah and I drove to Kansas and I saw buffalo, the Gateway Arch, and vast plains that make you want to just stop and look and breathe fresh air and wonder why you live in a city of 4.5 million people.
8. Did a mountain bike ride in the Georgia. YES, REALLY.
9. I bought a new truck -- a 2007 Honda Ridgeline RTX.

Had enough? Somewhere in all that I'm still in the choir at Mt Paran Church of God and getting regular workouts in. Whew....I'm tired just writing all that!

I realized at Christmas that my oldest niece will get her drivers permit this year. WHAT? Are you kidding me? No freaking way! Why...just yesterday she had climbed inside the dryer to hide from us and laughed at anything I did. Whoa...where does the time go?

So this year is already packed with excitement for me. I have posted the 2010 event calendar for Atlanta Outfitters and hope to actually make some money off that little venture. We, SORBA Atlanta, are working on completely revamping the chapter and have about 50 miles of new trails opening up that are all within 20 minutes of downtown Atlanta. My hope of getting the largest city in the South on the map of great urban trail riding is getting closer.

As for racing, my season starts on 13FEB with the Tundra Time Trial, a road event on the Silver Comet Trail. Team Atlanta Outfitters will make it's official race debut and I'm stoked about that! After that, it's the Chain Buster 12 hour series, Tugaloo Olympic Tri, and a couple others tossed in for good measure.

Oh, we're doing a team for the May edition of the Tour De Cure in Atlanta. Team Atlanta Outfitters will be riding in honor of two riders who suffer from diabetes. You can join our team and ride with us or make a donation at

Enough writing. Now for some pictures...
1. The Gateway Arch. This photo was selected for the Schmap St. Louis Guide at
2. Racing at the Rivers Edge Marathon in Charlotte
3. Sarah and I after the choir Christmas special

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