Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Well, I know it's been awhile but winter has been a rather silent period. Yea, there's always Christmas to keep one occupied, but my day job has kept me pretty tied up too. Okay, well, maybe I've just enjoyed too much of a social life but no matter the reason, I've not been riding. And ya know what? I'm okay with that. I've been in the gym, but I just have not had the time on the few nice days we've had to actually get outside. Take today, for instance, it's a beautiful sunny day, but I'm about to leave one office, go get a passport photo taken, then go to another office location deliver that with a visa application then go run a couple other errands for work before 5:00pm then I have choir rehearsal tonight at 7:00......

Passport photo? Yes, I'm off on a trip oversees. I was asked Monday about going to work in Kabul, Afghanistan for (6) weeks. I head out on February 20 and won't get back until about April 7. Alas, I'll miss the great early season fervor of the breaking weather and riding and I won't get to do the Cohutta 100 as planned, but I'd rather go on this trip than be wrapped up in one thing in life. That said, the next two weeks are filling up quickly with logistics and packing and shopping and trying not to panic. I was okay yesterday, but today I'm a little freaked. There's much to do and most folks plan trips like this over the course of months. Fortunately, all the travel arrangements are being made by my company....WHEW!

It should be a nice trip, actually, that I'm looking forward to. I have a great confidence that the Lord has opened this door and I'm just trusting Him to take care of the details and of me. I'm comfortable with the protection level that we'll have from our security force and since we have folks there presently, it's not like I'm going in to this totally blind.

I'll try to post while I'm gone and maybe get some pictures up to make the reading more enjoyable. I'll see you at the Cohutta 100 race, but don't look for me to be riding, I'll see ya at the SAG stops =)

Thank you in advance for your prayers!