Monday, January 03, 2011

January 3, 2011

Something fun!

So here we are in a new year and it's time to catch up on the ol' blog. Last year was a roller coaster but ended well and it's time to report some news.

Atlanta Outfitters is doing well. New for 2011, I'm adding mountain biking trips to Bosnia and Tibet! I'm in the process right now of reworking the logo and a potential name change along with some website upgrades. I'm also scheduling some beginner and intermediate MTB clinics, a race, and a few other fun trips to held in the Southern Appalachians. I now have an outpost at the Ocoee River where I can work from and can lead trips that include whitewater rafting, mountain biking, hiking, and flatwater paddling.

In other big news for 2011, I am sponsored by as I pursue qualifying for the Xterra off-road triathlon National Championship. My racing summary for 2010 includes the following:
3rd Place, Xterra Southeast Championship
4th Place, Xterra Panther Creek
Finisher, The North Face Endurance Challenge 13.1 at FDR State Park in Pine Mtn, GA (this was my first half marathon and it was a trail run with ~3500 vertical feet of climbing)

The other bit of big news for 2011 is a partnership between Atlanta Outfitters and Wingnut Gear. I am very excited about this because I get the opportunity to test gear but also have the gear available for clients to test. The gear I'll have available includes (3) packs:
MPS Alpha
Hyper 3.0

There is other news and AO updates that I'll divulge in the coming weeks as I get back in the swing of the blog so stay tuned!