Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wow! What a month it's been! The day after my last post I had another crash in Pisgah and since then just been kicking through life. Two weeks ago had another wreck while doing a trail survey with the volunteer coordinator for the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (CRNRA) which is across the street from where I live (yes, I planned that). In that wreck I severely sprained my left wrist and torqued the left shoulder more so I've not been riding at all, just getting in some runs for workouts.

Let's see...other stuff that's happened...I got back into choir at Mt. Paran Church of God after a little break, my girlfriend and I broke up and I lost my job. The breakup wasn't a big ugly mess, which somehow I don't have -- thankfully! Sarah's an awesome girl and breakups suck, no matter how drama-free they are. The job situation, well, I knew it was coming and had been looking for new employment. I was actually releaved when it happened and I knew that God would provide and take care of me. That was last Tuesday. On Friday, I had an interview, an offer Monday and I'll start my new employ this coming Monday with BVM Engineering in Atlanta. They do design and construction oversight on LEED projects (projects accredited by the US Green Building Council) and also do building commissioning. These are things I've been wanting to get into but the firms I was working with before didn't do them so this is a great opportunity that I am very excited about.

In my time off, I've been catching up on housework that's been neglected, setting up a home office, and catching up with friends. I've also been making some headway on my new business venture -- an outdoor guide service for hiking, biking, camping, etc. Once I get it set up with the State of GA, I'll reveal the name and details so please stay tuned.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a reporter from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) about the trail project we're doing here at CRNRA. Oh, which reminds me of another thing that's happened this month -- I took a course and got certified as a Trail Building Crew Leader AND we had a work party at CRNRA on Saturday the 17th, and had 20 people brave the 14 degree temps to help with trail maintenance. I was very excited that so many folks showed up for the first of our monthly trail work parties at the park. The trail system there is known to mountain bikes as Sope Creek and is very technical and much like riding in the backcountry but it's literally just outside the city limits of Atlanta on the shores of the Chattahoochee River. It's been neglected for many years and I've hated to see nothing happen so I decided last year when I realized I was actually going to be in one place for awhile that I'd jump in and try to stir the pot a little. Thankfully, about the same time, a grant was coming down to put into place some trail re-alignments.

Well, gotta go get ready for a doctor's appointment on the shoulder and wrist. I hope that 2009 has started as well for you as it has for me. Sure, it's had it's bumps but God is in control and He provides what we need. For more day to day updates and pictures, you can find me Facebook pretty easily and I host my pictures on Please stay tuned for the updates on the new business!