Wednesday, November 07, 2007

07NOV07 Trying something new I think I have a better internet connection this morning so I'm going to try and post up a video from Saturday's Swayback ride. If this works, we may have something new and exciting to work with!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Swayback Bridge Trail

Instead of driving 10 hours to Charlotte for the 2nd annual Treeshaker 12 hour race, I met up with a couple friends, Charlie and Chris, for a ride at Swayback Bridge in Montgomery. The weather was perfect at 74 degrees and sunny. We got in about 20 miles (18.6 on Chris' computer but I think he shorted the trail somewhere ;). Swayback has a good mix of everything except BIG hills. There's some climbing, some great downhill runs, rocks, roots, fast swooping hardpack dirt, and well, lots of good places to stop and chat with friends. I got a couple of videos too and I'll try to get 'em posted up with the pictures. It felt great to be on the bike, since this was my first ride in about 3 weeks. It was very much worth the drive up there and getting to spend some time with the guys.