Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ode to Pisgah

The following I wrote on in response to a rider from Kansas City trying to make his final determination about where to take vacation this year. Pisgah National Forest in western North Carolina was one of his top 4 choices.


Climbs that make you earn the sweet careening you'll do on the way down. Air so clean you you'll sleep like a baby. Creeks that sing you to sleep at night or welcome you to a break in your ride. Tall tall trees to shade you from overheating so you can enjoy the -ahhh of Pisgah that much more.

Come east, young man, and leave the crowds and open spaces for solitude amongst the trails of the Appalachians where trappers and moonshiners and Irish settlers once played. (well, the moonshiners may still be there :D ).

Come east, where few dare to trod for fear of the trees and rocks and roots.

Come east, I say again! You will forever cherish those cool mountain evenings by the fire of friendship where your next brew came from the cold water of the mountain stream and not from a cooler of melted ice.

Come EAST where vistas from the Blue Ridge Parkway having been earned by the ride are that much sweeter!

Come east, to the Land of Waterfalls where you can cool down on Sliding Rock or walk under the Bridal Veil.

Come east. There's nothing like it!"

Pisgah. I really love that forest. The first thing I do each and every time I go to is get out of my truck and just breathe deep the freshness of the mountains. By the third breath, the worries and fears and struggles and stress of life have all been evacuated from memory. The only thing of concern is to nestle into the goodness of God's creation and relax.

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