Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009
Sope Creek trail system update
Trail Ettiquette and Rules

Rules of the Trail
1. Never ride or run on wet trails or within 24 hours of a rain event.
2. Always wear a helmet
3. Ride on open trails only. At Sope Creek, this means cyclists are allowed on the doubletrack and not on the singletrack trails. (see map to the right)
4. Control your bicycle -- watch your speed when other trail users present!
5. Yield to others; pedestrians and climbers ALWAYS have the right of way
6. Never scare animals
7. Plan ahead
8. All dogs / pets are to be on a leash no more than (6) feet long
9. Cyclists are not allowed in Johnson Ferry, Vickery Creek, Hyde Farm, Gold Branch, Palisades (except for the Bob Callan paved trail) or other units of the CRNRA unless clearly posted that bikes are allowed. For more information on where cycling is allowed in the CRNRA, please consult with the CRNRA leadership at 678.538.1244
10. The park is closed from sunset to sunrise.

Trail Etiquette
1. Always yield to pedestrians, slow down and verbally notify that you are approaching and which side you are passing.
2. Climbing cyclists and pedestrians have the right of way.
3. Always be courteous to other trail users

We're working on fall multi-sport festival including trail running, hybrid / road / mountain bike demos, trail work, free basic bike maintenance, and guided bike trips for kids.

There will be work parties in September and October so please stay tuned here.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol at Sope Creek, please contact me. We need patrollers to assist and educate trail users as ambassodors for the sport of mountain biking but also for the park. You will also help us inform the CRNRA leadership of visitor concerns, trail work needed, etc.

For information on how to help make the Sope Creek Trails better for ALL users, please go to (copy & paste this URL)

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