Monday, September 24, 2007

Dauset Quick Brief

I met up with Dean and some other friends in Jackson, GA on Saturday for the 12 Hours of Dauset race. The weather was perfect (mid 80's with no rain). The comraderie was excellant! And well, it was simply a great day to ride a bike. I got to catch up with old friends like Steve J and Gary H while making new ones like Charlie from Elba, AL (down near Dothan). This guy shows up for his first ever enduro with a rigid single speed......God bless his lil' heart! I don't think Charlie will be making that mistake again anytime soon! He did a great job completing 6 laps (I believe). As for myself, I got in the same 6 laps and a whole bunch of friendship time. My parents stopped by so I hung with them for a bit while also chatting it up with Duckman, Bruce D, and Tucker. Given that I've not done much mountain biking this year and this was my first solo attempt on the year, I'm happy with how the day went. And hey, with a picture like this, who can complain?! Thanks to Carl for this sweet jump shot.

This 2nd photo taken by Al. pretty much sums up the feeling of the day....


Charles said...

Yeah.. I'm really thinking about putting a suspension fork on so long as I get one with a lock out thingy on the handlebars. I don't know that I'll bother with this bike though since I'm planning on building another up first of 08.

Was nice meeting ya and putting a face with a name!

Stephie said...

Nice jump = the picture was better than your description that day of the shot. LOL