Saturday, June 02, 2007


18 days and counting!

I'll start with pictures...

Here's Ryan, GIS guru hard at work

Next is Elbert "Princess of Maui", Ryan's trusty assistant taking a break from guitar practice

Self portrait on the patio

Robin & Ruth enjoying lunch on the patio. They're truly great to have around and they're a sweet couple...been together like 30 years. It's fun to watch them!

Here's our Afghan work crew enjoying lunch family style.

Kareema (left) is one of the housekeepers and Sonia is our administrative assistant. Both do a great job of putting up with us Americans!

Token bike shot.....The Pink Turtle enjoys the feeling of home in my pink bathroom. And no, I didn't select this room for myself -- all four baths on this side of the house are pink!

Words of encouragement on Memorial Day from D2.

Crowd mustering for the Memorial Day service. This one was rather special because this command just lost two of it's own a couple weeks back -- the first loss this command has suffered since being in Afghanistan.

My new silk rug!

So, I hope you enjoyed our little presentation today. Now for a word from our sponsor.... hehehe! Sorry, I'm feeling a bit silly today! On a serious note, please keep Chaplain Major Shaw in your prayers. Last week he was with a convoy that was involved in an altercation. His vehicle sustained a hit from an IED. He was mostly fine following the attack except for some bleeding from his ear, which is never a good sign. Monday morning he was airlifted to the main camp in country for evaluation because he was having some chest pains. The last I heard is that he's been airlifted to an army hospital in Germany and once stable, may get a trip home. I know his spirit wants to be here as he was dedicated to being here and serving the camp so please just remember him this week.

On other notes, I've found a 4-man team to race with at the Mountain Mayhem race to be held at Eastnor Castle in Ledbury, England. WOO-HOO!!! This is a 24 hour race and the promoters are saying it's the largest 24 hour race in the world. They have 450 team and 2500 racers on board so it should be a good time!

Let's see....what else in the last week.....oh, I'm not sure if I've stated this yet, but I'll be back in the States on 1 July just before my birthday, so I'll get to celebrate the 4th at home, which I'm very much looking forward to. Well, I think that's about all the news from Kabul today. I hope you'll check back with me for another edition soon.

Oh, and for all you UGA 'Dawg fans out there.....Go Vols! "Rocky Top, you'll always be home sweet home to me! Good ol' Rocky Top. Rocky Top Tennessee!" (Football season will be here before ya know it!)

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