Monday, May 07, 2007

Now that I'm away from the craziness and have WAY too much time to think, I'll get all pensive on ya ;) Most of you know that before Christmas I adopted another Great Pyrenees dog named Gus. Well, with being away and not having time to work with him while home, I had to give him up. He had some destructive behavior that I don't have time to work through since I'm gone. My folks actually found him a good home on a 10 acre farm with a family that had just lost their male Pyr the week before due to a complication in a surgery. So Gus Gus is with good folk.

Ah, since I don't talk about cycling enough lately (geez, here he goes....) I'll toss in some planning here -- maybe one or two of the sponsors are actually playing along. Wait! I only have one or two this year, that's right! Anywho, I bought a new road bike while I was home -- it's a Van Dessel Kermis. It has an aluminum main frame with carbon fork and rear end, Shimano Ultegra components and rides like a dream. I'm having my WaltWorks mtn bike shipped over here to the Kabul-town along with a trainer. I need some spin time to get jacked up for some late season riding and I can't be all out of shape just because I've been here -- my riding friends would never let me live it down. (Hush Joey! Don't EVEN start)! It should get here next week and I'll toss up a picture of it set up and me staring off at the mountains in the distance wishing I were riding them.

The ulterior motive for having the bike here is actually so I can do a race in the UK on my way home. There's this race called the Dusk till Dawn and it takes place on the Isle of Man, between Ireland and England on July 7. And this little race called the Tour de France just happens to start in London this year on July 7, so hopefully I'll catch the stage on the 8th before they head over to Dunkirk, Belgium. My current thoughts have me in Dublin for me birthday on the 3rd which I think will be kinda cool. I have very current ancestry from Ireland so it'll be nice to at least go see the place since I'll be right there ;) Trust me, there'll be a photo essay of these travels for your enjoyment...oh, did I just tease you? I'm so sorry. right!

Allright, a promise is a promise. I'll keep it short. You do realize though that just means I'll have to write more often. HA! You didn't think of that now did ya?!

Oh, and I don't know what happened while I was gone, but my morning Koran reading got switcherood from 5:45am to 4:30am. Those sneaky Muslims! Nothing like waking up to the Koran being read over a loudspeaker at 4:30am 2 blocks from your bedroom window! Guess they'll have to start getting a taste of some Vince Poole sangin' out some praises to the Lo'ord! Now where'd I put those speakers.....

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