Friday, February 23, 2007


Well, since we were given an extra day in Dubai, we decided to make the most of it. It's about 3:15pm here and already we've taken quite a stroll about town. We walked to the Naif Souq (spice market) where we went last night, then went for a water taxi tour of the Creek before grabbing lunch. Before departing for that little venture, we tred to track down the Kam Air office only to learn that since today is the Arab world's version of Sunday, the office was closed. The bellhop here at the hotel got us in touch with the Kam Air people via their cell numbers and they had no idea of the situation in Kabul, saying their flight left this morning on schedule. I asked them about getting on the flight tomorrow and the guy just told me to show up in the morning and we'd have seats. Well, that's what we hope to do, but it means tonight is an early night for us, like we thought last night would be. We have to be at the airport by 6:00am, so hopefully this will work.

When I left the States, I knew that one word would have to define this journey: flexibility. Well, we're taking it in stride and trying to make the most of our little break here in Dubai before jaunting off to Kabul, for once we arrive there I'm afraid we'll be in a totally different world, even though it's only a two hour flight from where we currently sit.

Enough with the jabberwocky, here are some pictures from last night and today.

Look -- It's a painted camel, like our painted cows. Apparently all peoples are more similar than we think! I wonder what they were raising money and awareness for.

Here's a sampling of the bicycle that most folks ride. It's a Hero cruiser but the interesting thing is....there are no cables on this bike! That's right, click on the picture and look at the brake lines -- they're s/s metal rods. The owner of this bike tried to sell it to me for 150 AED, which isn't a bad price, but it would cost me much more than that to get it home!

Here's the Naif Souq (spice market). Really cool little place.

Appetizers on Al Rigga Street!

We must have passed this fountain every time we went somewhere. I'm convinced it's like the Big Chicken -- all directions are given from here! "Well, ya get to the pyramid fountain and go...."

Ah yes, dessert!

This was from the boat tour on the Creek. If they call this a creek, I'd hate to see what they call a river!

Dubai Skyline

More skyline

and yet another....

Look at those tower cranes! There are no fewer than 20 tower cranes within 10 minutes of our hotel. That means lots of construction. We didn't make over to the Jumeirah area, but that's where the 7-star hotel is and the Palms and where the new world's tallest hotel is being built. There's a lot of opportunity for construction folks over here ;)

Well, that's about all for now. I hope you've enjoyed your little tour of Dubai today! Hopefully the next pictures you see will be from Kabul.


Mark and Susan said...


Enjoyed seeing you and your photos of Dubai. Quite a contrast for what you expect to see from the Arabic world.

We're praying for you as you work in that interesting part of the world.

Regards, Mark, Susan, and Tim

Anonymous said...

Charles- We wanted to say thanks for posting your mini tour of Dubai. We loved seeing your view of the Arab nation. Jeremy especially likes the pyramid clock! We are so glad you left the bike there, well it might of been cool to see you ride that bike on Blankets Creek.. just kidding.

Listen on a serious note. We love you and we are praying for you as your in a dangerous part of the world. We can not wait to see what God has in his plans for you from this trip.
-Jeremy & Robin