Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ready to Race!

Last weekend I joined a few friends for the annual Fall Gathering in Pisgah, NC and had a great time. It seems this time of year everyone is just having fun; I'm not sure if it's because it's Fall or the end of the race season or because new bikes are being shown at Interbike -- who knows? Who really cares? The weather is perfect for mountain biking in the South so that's what we do!

Here's a picture of my friend Eric Wever and I with our Walt Works bikes on Sunday. I had just completed a little 10 mile jaunt before breakfast and Eric was just heading out. Eric's actually the person that introduced me to WW's and I cannot be happier with the purchase.

This coming weekend is the 24 Hours of Adrenalin race at the GA International Horse Park in Conyers, GA. 2006 marks the 10th anniversery of mountain biking in the Olympics and it all started at Conyers. Thus, the race director decided to move the 24 hour solo World Championships to Conyers from Whistler, British Columbia. It should be a great weekend to race or spectate with riders coming in from all over the world to compete for the podium and world rankings.

I'll be sitting the solo race out and joining some friends from Mississippi on a 4-man team. From what I gather from Ty, Jeff, and Cliff I could end up pulling some extra laps because apparently Cliff typically has bike issues, someone else gets stomach cramps, and the other decides he needs his beauty rest. Oh well, we'll have a good time nonetheless! I'll post a report next week, hopefully with some pictures.

On another note, keep your browser pointed toward the Bike Fellowship for a complete listing of GA trails. This listing includes:

1. Lat / long for all you GPS users
2. Physical address for all Google Maps / Mapquest users
3. Website for the trail map if available
4. Contact info for Wildlife Mgmt Areas (WMA's) and USFS trails
5. Link to directions

It is our hope that this will be a single point of reference to direct folks to MTB trails in our state. And since folks are likely to browse the site to see what else we have to offer, they will likely get to see some of the information we have on braking, hydration, bike repair, and a Gospel presentation.

Now quit reading and go ride!

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