Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kabul Take 2

So apparently I ruint some of ya on my first trip with my blog ramblings because I keep getting asked for more. Well, here ya are….

I’m back in the Kabul-town, just in on Saturday from the good ol’ USofA. I think I messed up by not taking a hotel room for a night in Dubai – I didn’t sleep a wink from Thursday morning until Saturday morning (EST). For some reason I just couldn’t sleep on the planes this time – no, it wasn’t b/c I was all worked up over something – that was last time! This time I think it was b/c I was traveling alone so there was no one to watch out for me and my stuff. Anyone who’s done this internationally knows what I’m sayin! There’s no feeling more insecure than carrying your checked luggage into the airport restroom….twice! I felt like Linus with his blue blanket.

Anyway, I got here without any hitches and even got to enjoy an hour or so and a cup of coffee with a friend in London’s Victoria Station in between my flights. It was nice to see a familiar face!

Let’s see…what else….oh, not much has changed here. There were some crazy times while I was gone where folks decided to get stupid and want to kill someone, but that’s the routine here. Sunday, actually, just as I was walking into church service, I learned of an attack on a US military convoy here in town. This time I have friends who knew those soldiers killed. I’m not sure if I can give details so I won’t. Suffice it to say, this one hit the folks close to home and many on the base are a bit shaken up so please keep them and the families of the victims in your prayers.

There’s more to say, but I’ll try to keep these entries brief this trip. Here are some pictures from the trip home….

Atlanta traffic – man, I missed that! (ahem, not!)

Braves vs Cubbies. Now I DID miss this! Braves won, for the record, so put one in the W column!

Me in London with new friends. Ya know, those Brits are kinda cool folk! Next time I’ll actually have to take the tour as payment for the picture!

I just thought this made for a good picture. It’s the pedestrian tunnel at the Tube in London.

Outside London’s Victoria Station

Dubai skyline, specifically the Jumerieh area I believe. “Like a phoenix rising from the ashes….”

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